Visa on Arrival

Visa on Arrival

What must a foreign national who is subject to a visa apply if there is no representation of Suriname in his country or region?

For citizens of countries where no embassy or consulate is established there is the possibility:

  • to apply for a visa by mail or by mail at the nearest embassy or consulate in their region
  • to request a “Visa upon Arrival” at the Subdirectorate Conza.

What is a “Visa at Arrival” (VBA)?

A “Visa on Arrival” is an approval granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to a person who has to travel to obtain a visa at the Johan Adolf Pengel Airport (JAP). The passenger must also demonstrate this approval at check-in. However, the application for a visa must be made on arrival by a sponsor in Suriname. The sponsor can be an individual or a company in Suriname. The applications are made at the Subdirectorate Consular Affairs.

What do you need for the application for a “Visa on Arrival”?

  • a fully completed visa application form
  • an accompanying letter addressed to the Vice-Director of Consular Affairs, on letterhead and bearing the signature of the management and the company stamp. This letter must be presented at least ten (10) working days before the expected date of departure
  • a copy of a valid company license (if the deadline has expired, then a copy of the application for extension of the company license)
  • a recent KKF extract (always valid for a period of at least 3 months)
  • a copy of the passport of the person concerned (the validity of the passport will be valid for at least six (6) months when applying for the trip)
  • two passport photos (digital photos) must be replaced on arrival by a normal passport photo
  • an original travel schedule issued by the airlines

How many working days in advance must the application for a “visa on arrival” be submitted?

The application for a “visa on arrival” must be presented at the Subdirectorate Consular Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) at least 10 working days before the departure date.

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