Visa Regulations Suriname

Visa regulations for Suriname

See first of all the document on visa requirements.

There is a number of countries whose citizens don’t need a visa for Suriname.

A second category of countries consist of countries whose citizens can get access to Suriname by applying for a tourist card. We from the organisation advise everybody to apply for a tourist card and not for a business visa. (see visa requirements). The reason is that it is very easy to get it. It has been introduced to stimulate tourism in Suriname. For the tourist card see the list of countries.

For those people who need a visa and there is no embassy or consulate of Suriname in their respective countries, can apply for a visa on arrival. For this you have to contact the organizers of the conference: See the document: Visa on arrival

c.o. Nishma Bharos, Head of External affairs of the University of Suriname.



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