Panel Session

Conference Legacy of Slavery and indentured  Labour, Migration  and  Diaspora

Panel 1: Ethnic relations and ethnocentrism in Suriname.

  1. Rene Bilkerdijk: Creoles
  2. Rita Punwasi: Hindustanis
  3. Ramon Cumberbatch: Marroons
  4. Ingrid Roemer: Javanese


Panel 2: The legacies of slave trade and slavery in post slavery societies in the West Indies

  1. Gougeon, Adelaide M. : Emancipation and identity construction of the White creoles in Martinique after 1848″:
  2. Leconte, David: The free and regulated migration: the legacies from slave trade and slavery to the indenture
  3. Marie-Rose, Noémie : The emergence of « attached worker » in Martinique between 1848 and 1880
  4. Gordyn, Ary : Raising Awareness about Reparations for Slavery in Jamaica


Panel  3: Saint-Laurent du Maroni and the Maroni river basin: spaces of transnational encounters

Discussant: Jack Menke

  1. Comptour, Marion and Vezzoli,, Simona: Saint Laurent du Maroni: a space of transnational encounters and rapid social change,
  2. Garraoui, Ines: Changing family structures in Saint-Laurent du Maroni,
  3. Comptour, Marion and Sylvie Kwasiba: Transnational connections in Saint-Laurent du Maroni: agriculture, access to jobs and financial exchanges,
  4. Leobal, Clémence: Inhabiting the Marowijne river: Multiple residences and mobility on both sides of the French Guiana-Suriname border


Panel 4: African Diaspora Heritage Management in Suriname: Identity, Cultural Politics and Social Activism

  1. Paula Royster : The Role of Cultural Memory in the Legitimization of African Diaspora History
  2. Rudo Kemper: Digital Story Telling
  3. Cheryl White: The Slave’s Route to Freedom: how and where was the route made.
  4. Judy Samson: The transformation  of Winti from resistance to Culture


Panel 5 : Reterritorialisation processes and social challenges of immigrant groups: experiences from the Lusophone World 

  1. Malheiros, Jorge: Reterritorialization opportunities of immigrants in Lisbon
  2. Dadalto, Maria C. : Identities in Transit in the Territorialisation Processes
  3. Rodrigues, Francilene S. : Migration, Gender and Violence: experiences of Venezuelan women in Roraima
  4. Siqueia, Sueli; Assis, Glaucia; Genovez, Patricia: Reterritorialisation processes of women migrants involved in transnational marriages


Panel 6 : Ethnic relations and position of ethnic groups in  plural societies

  1. Bisram, Vishnu :The Need for Power Sharing in Ethnically Divided Guyana
  2. Chand : 2017 Indentured Indians and social mobility
  3. Brij Lal: Political leadership in the Indian indentured Diaspora
  4. Hanoomansingh, Peter: The self concept f interloper
  5. Hassankhan, Maurits and Raghoebarsing, K. S. :  Ethnic relations and the position of Indians in Suriname
  6. Thakur, Rishee: Ethnicity and the Alibi of Class in Guyana
  7. Vahed, Goolam: Afro-Indian relations in South Africa
  8. Ravi Dev: The Politics of Entitlement in a Bi-communal Polity
  9. Manorama Akung: Contested visions, memory and commemoration , Mauritius
  10. Gupta, Munnalal:  Impact of State Policies on Indian Diaspora
  11. Meel , Peter: Managing ethnic diversity in Surinamese politics
  12. Ramsoedh, Hans: Jagernath LAchmon
  13. Makdoembaks, Nasaar:  abstract  from the margins to the centre
  14. Prasad, Tribhuwan: Social and Cultural Problems of Indian Diaspora in Suriname.
  15. Sno, Tamira, E.; Harry BG Ganzeboom and , John Schuster: Ethnic diversity and Social Stratification in.
  16. Sno, Tamira and B.G. Ganzeboom: Status acquisition when entering the labour market
  17. Schalkwijk, Marten: The relation between ethnicity and the votingbehaviour in Suriname, 1949 – 2017


Panel 7: Reparations  for injustice to subjugated people, including slavery and indenture

  1. Naik and Pradhan: Sweat Blood and Tears: Reparations for Historical Contribution of Indentured Labour to Colonial Economic Growth
  2. Tara Singh: Reparations for Indian indentured labour.
  3. Torpey, John. Towards a more perfect union: An Approach to Rectifying Racial Inequality in American Life


Panel 8: Jewish Diaspora in the Caribbean

  1. Rosenblatt, Eli: Between two Seas. the Jewish Diaspora and the Black Atlantic
  2. Harold Sijlbing: Jewish colonization in Suriname: Slave revolts and the decline of Jodensavanne (onder voorbehoud)
  3. Sarah Casteel: Invisible Histories.Jozef Nassy’s Black Holocaust Art
  4. Jessica Roitman:  Majoritiey Minorities.  Jews, Afro-Curacaoans, ad the politics of participation
  5. Gyssels, Kathleen: A Diaspora in a Diaspora. the West Indian Jew in recent Fictions


Panel 9: Medical history: health and diseases

  1. Snelders, Stephen: Leprosy and Labour Management. Fears and Responses of the Colonial Regime in Suriname
  2. Menke, Henk: Leprosy, Colonialism and Savery in Suriname; a triangular approach
  3. Van Eer, Edward: Health Struggles on the Upper Suriname river
  4. Marthelise Eersel: Health economics then and now: revisiting F.A. Kuhn’s ‘Reflection on the situation of the Surinamese plantation slaves; an economic-medical contribution to its improvement (1828)’.
  5. Buckingham, Jane: Leprosy in Fiji/Pacific ocean
  6. Mans, Dennis: The use of medicinal plants from a Historical poin of view
  7. Aaron-Denz, Marlyn: Na koni fu fesiten ini wan nyun ten
  8. Sahiensha Ramdas:


Panel 10: Gender and women

  1. Bhoola, Sheetal: Gujerati women migrants in the early 1920
  2. Choenni, Chan: Hindostani identured female labourers in Suriname
  3. Gounder, F.: Gender performativity 2018 in indentuere life narratives
  4. Hiralal, Kalpana: Votti , Veeramah and Muniyammah: Biographical narratives of indentured women in colonial Natal
  5. Neus, Hilde: 70 coloured women against an authority of men
  6. Rai, Neha: Women in Search of Identity
  7. Wickramasinghe and Carter M.: Unsettling Diasporas Diasporas negotiation of identities and Subversion of Categories. Asian Women Migrant genealogie 1750 – 1950
  8. Terborg, Julia MArriage, Concubinage and Extramarital relations in the Caribbean. Continuity and Change


Panel 11: Ethnic Identity , memory and commemoration

  1. Akung, Manorama: Contested visions, memory and commemoration ,  Mauritius
  2. Brereton, Bridget: Emancipation and Arrival abstract
  3. Gautam, M.K.: Ethnic identity amongst Hindutanis as Twice Migrants
  4. Gooptar, Primnath: The Legacy of Indian Indentureship in the Caribbean: 1838 – 1920.
  5. Singh, Vashti: The Indian Diaspora in Trinidad. Cultural resilienc, Political Activism and representation in Education 1900 -1938
  6. Ballengee: Contesting Tradition
  7. Goffe, Tao Leigh: Theorizing a gastropoetics of Coolitude.
  8. Gowricharn, Ruben: Doglarization of the Hindustani stuff. Evidence from Suriname.
  9. Kenny, Mary: Quilombolas in Brazil. Conflicting perspectives over identity
  10. Raghoebar, Hein: Identity shaping and integration of African and Asian diasporas in Suriname.
  11. Rai, Rajeev: Civilizational Disjuncture and Harmony.
  12. Reddy, Movindry: Ethnic erasure and indigenous identity: Indian Diaspora identity in South Africa and Fiji
  13. Swamy, Prya: Constructing Visual archives of indentured Labour
  14. Redjopawio, Eddy: The Process of Emancipation, Integration and Nationbuilding of Javanese in Suriname
  15. Pratap, Ajay:  From India’s East to World’s South: Surinamese Prehistory and Colonial Manipulation of Ethnic Identity
  16. Raghoebarsingh, K and M. Hassankhan: the life  story of an Indian Indenture family in Suriname 1873- 2010
  17. Egger, Jerome and Sitalpersad: A British indian interpreter in colonial Suriname


Panel 12:  Language and literature in Diaspora

  1. Joshi & Kaushal: From Sugar to Snow . Reflections and refractions on Indo Caribben  literature in Canada
  2. Karmakar , Chandrima: Home, Roots and Memory in Naipaul’s Oeuvre.
  3. Mohkamsing, N.: MRK revisited
  4. Sen, Nandini: A saga of travel, love and loss ,  Divakaruni
  5. De Boer, Welmoed: Relatie Friese taalbeweging relatie Suriname
  6. Rambaran, M. & Safda Zaidi: Can a historical novel be a bridge between transnational identities
  7. Walicek, Don.: Creole Language Origins, Freedom , and Linguistic Rights in the Caribbean region
  8. Bhimul, Visham: The Fate of Caribbean Hindustani


Panel 13:  Historiography, Theory and philosophical aspects of slavery and Indenture

  1. Donk , Orpheo: Shifting perspectives on Slavery
  2. Basu, Rajsekhar: Searching for commonalities between the Black experence in the Atlantic and the Indentured labour migration to British Colonies
  3. Kempadoo, Kamala: Modern day slavery or Modern-day  Coolie system?
  4. Khal Torabully: Abstract Slavery and Indenture , a shared narrative
  5. Kumar, Ashutosh: Girmit peasants understanding of the indenture system
  6. Leeuwen, Marco Van: Studying social inequalities and status attainment in the contexts of colonialism and free and unfree labour
  7. Mahabir, Nalini: Between speech and speechlessness
  8. Mansi, Kumari:  Indenture in French colonies of North America and Caribbean
  9. Van Galen , Coen: Slave registers as a first step to the development of a Historical Database of Suriname
  10. Yorke, Gosnell: The Disambiguation of the Complex Language of  African Diaspora
  11. Zeuske, Michael: Second Slavery.
  12. Egger, Jerome and Sitalpersad: a British Indian interpreter in colonial Suriname


Panel 14:  Transnationalism and identity

  1. Flores , W.: Caribbean Transnationalism  by Surinamese and Antillean Student migrants
  2. Gautam, M.K.: Hindutanis as Twice Migrants
  3. Jain, Pankaj: Indian Diaspora and American School System.
  4. Jones, Guno: Shifting politics of Citizenship and belonging.
  5. Joshi & Kaushal: From Sugar to Snow . Reflections and refractions on Indo Caribben  literature in Canada
  6. Malheiros, Jorge: Hindustani migrants and their descendants in Lisbon and Rotterdam Hindustani migrants and their descendants in Lisbon and Rotterdam
  7. Teelucksing, Jerome: Aliens in the motherland, Indo Caribbeans in London
  8. Timothy, Peter: Carnival in Crisis, abstract
  9. Sengupta, Roshni: Interrogating the myth of ideal Hindu
  10. Bardwaj, Sweta: Transnational identities in Indian Diaspora to Suriname


Panel 15:  Localization and globalization of religions session A

  1. Algoe, Kirtie: Interreligious cooperation in Guyana and Suriname.
  2. Marshall, Edwin: The influence of slavery on the Afro-Surinamese religion system
  3. Jabini, Samunda: Rastafarians in Suriname and Guyana
  4. Judy Samson: The transformation  of Winti from resistance to Culture


Panel 16:  Localization and globalization of religions session session B: Hinduism in the Caribbean

  1. Tiwari, Kaushlendra Kumar: Hinduism in Suriname
  2. Sherry-Ann Singh: Coming full circle. Hinduism in Trinidad
  3. Bakker, Freek: New Temples in New Land
  4. Jagbandhan, Nitin and Kirtie Algoe: Luck  Vendors . Experiences with Foreign Vedic atrologers in Suriname


Panel 17: Islam and identity

  1. Frey, Simon: Islam a yaad ting. Ethnicity and the formation of the Jamaican Ummah
  2. Samaroo, Brinsley: The Ummah in the Caribbean:African and Asian Origins of multinational Islam in the Caribbean
  3. Soeropawiro, S.: Economic development among the Javanese Muslims in Suriname
  4. Kassim and Polar: The Muslims who came Trinidad 1885-1891 A Preliminary Assessment.
  5. Rahman, Karimah: Politicization of cultural memory and Marginalization of South Asian Muslims
  6. Nafey, Abdul: Identity articulation and community formation among Indian Muslims in Suriname
  7. Mohammed, S.: Fasting Practices of interfaith-families


Panel 18: Historical Aspects of Indian Indenture and Migration

  1. Gupta:   The Annihilation of the Girmitya System
  2. Gooptar, Primanath: The legacy of Indian Indentreship in the Caribbean 1838 -1920.
  3. Pande, Amba: India’s Engagement with Girmit Diaspora. Prejudices and prospects
  4. Moschetta , Louise: The legacies of bureaucratic practices: paper and identity among Indian indentured migrants in British Guiana
  5. Nandmehar, S.: The victims of historical exploitation. Bonded labour in Nepal.
  6. Nandram, Sharda, Bindlish, P and A. Nandram: A Glocal Fundamental Research (GFR) perspective to Indian Diaspora’s Social Identity formation
  7. Tumbridge, Mark:  Indenture, Opium and the China Trade: Tracing the Connections between Networks
  8. Wahab, Amar: Queering Indentureship. Race, Debility and Masculinity in the making of Disposable Coolies
  9. Mohanty, Siba S.: The Role of Indian National Congress and NGO’s in the Abolition of Indian Indentureship
  10. Pandey, Vibhut and Sushant Pandey: Forced Migration of Workers. A Study of Labor Chaurahas in Uttar Pradesh


Panel 19: Tangible and intangible heritage

  1. Mahabir, Kumar: From Barracks to Bungalows
  2. Meyer, Marcel and Hildebrand Ehrenburg: Plantations on the Wild Coast
  3. McKee, Helen: abstract  Legal History of LAnd Ownership in Post-Emancipation Jamaica.
  4. Mishra, H.; Bhardwaj, Y and A. Sonkar: Cultural and linguistic preservation of Hindustani Community in Suriname
  5. Nanhoe, A & Hoekstra., L.: Honour is negotiable.
  6. Mustapha, Nasser: Creolization and the Evolution of Indo-Trinidadian Cuisine


Panel 20 : Chinese indenture and Diaspora

  1. Altan, Selda: Chinese Coolie Labor, Railway construction Yunnan-Indochina
  2. Peterson, Glen: Abstract Long shadow of Indentured Labour
  3. Jerry Dewnarain: Chinese indentured labour in Suriname 1853 – 1872
  4. Huyn, Tui: The Chinese Indentured Laborers from Shandong Province, 1904 – 1910
  5. Gyssels, Kathleen , Leon Damas: facing Sinography in Pigments and Nevralgies.
  6. Tjon Sie Fat, Paul and Ranu Abhelak, Tjon Sie Fat, Paul and Ranu Abhelak: No Longer New. Chinese Migrants in Suriname Ten years on


Panel 21: The legacy of Slavery in Suriname

  1. Arron-Denz, Marlyn, Aaron-Denz, Marlyn: Na koni fu fesiten ini wan nyun ten
  2. Clenem, Sandra: Creative Industries
  3. Fatah-Black, Karwan: The first steps out of slavery. Analysing the last wills of former slaves in Paramaribo
  4. Neslo, Ellen: Social mobility (ex) slave artisans in Suriname and Brazil.
  5. Choenni, Chan: Afro-Surinamers 1853 – 1963


Panel 22:Diaspora and development

  1. Rambaran Jwala: Unlocking the Investment Potential of the Caribbean Diaspora.
  2. Sibanda, Sabelo: Role of people in Diaspora for the development of their country of origin
  3. Tewari, Archana: INDO-Surinami relations
  4. Ramkisoen, Angela: Migration, Diaspora and development in Suriname


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