The conference is organized by the Anton de Kom University and is being executed by the Institute for Graduate Studies and research (IGSR) and the History Department of the Faculty of Humanities

The Board of the University has appointed an organizing committee consisting of  an interdisciplinary group of scholars from different faculties and institutes

Members of the organizing committee

  1. Maurits S. Hassankhan –                      Chairperson
  2. Andrea Jubithana- Fernand –              Vice-Chair    


  1. Chanderdath Nagessar                      
  2. Urlie Lemen 
  3. Ine Apapoe
  4. Narinder Mohkamsing          
  5. Amy Kartosonto
  6. Tanya Sitaram  
  7. Orpheo Donk   
  8. Aruna Mungra  
  9. Jan Soebhag 
  10. Hilde Neus
  11. Stanley Sidoel


  1. Harnam- Kishna


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