Abstracts/Paper Proposals

Conference Legacy of Slavery and indentured Labour, Migration and Diaspora

  1. Aaron-Denz, Marlyn: Na koni fu fesiten ini wan nyun ten. Click here to read abstract.
  2. Algoe, Kirtie: Inter-religious cooperation Guyana and Suriname. Click Here to read abstract .
  3. Bakker, Freek: New Temples in New Land.  Click Here to read abstract.
  4. Ballengee, Christopher:  Contesting Tradition.  Click Here to read abstract.
  5. Bastos Cristiana: Latitudes of Indenture: Portuguese Islanders in Post-Abolition Guiana Plantations and in Hawaii. Click Here to read abstract.
  6. Basu, Rajsekhar: Searching for commonalities between the Black experience in the Atlantic and the Indentured labour migration to British Colonies. Click Here to read abstract.
  7. Bilkerdijk, Rene: The relations between the descendants of the slaves and other ethnic groups in Suirname. Click Here to read abstract.
  8. Bisram, Vishnu: The Need for Power Sharing in Ethnically Divided Guyana. Click Here to read abstract.
  9. Blanker, Cynthia: Diagnosing depression disorder among Surinamese in the Netherlands. Click Here  to read abstract.
  10. Boedjarath, Indra: Suicidal behavior among Hindustani men. Click Here to read abstract.
  11. Brand Flu, Cynthia: Experiments with Indentured Labour 1853 -1866. The Portugese in Suriname. Click Here to read abstract.
  12. Breeveld, Hans: The Moravian church as a cornerstone of the Surinamese society. Click Here to read abstract.
  13. Brereton, Bridget: Emancipation and Arrival. Click Here to read abstract.
  14. Buckingham, Jane: Leprosy in Fiji/Pacific Ocean. Click Here to read abstract.
  15. Choenni, Chan: Hindostani identured female labourers in Suriname. Click Here to read abstract
  16. Choenni, Chan: Afro-Surinamers 1853 – 1963: Integration in Suriname after the abolition of Slavery. Click Here to read abstract.
  17. Choenni, Chan: Hindostani indentured female labourers in Suriname. Click Here to read abstract.
  18. Clenem, Sandra: Creative IndustriesClick Here to read abstract.
  19. Comptour, Marion and Simona Vezzoli: Transnational connections in Saint-Laurent du Maroni agriculture, access to jobs and financial exchanges.  Click Here to read abstract.
  20. Comptour, Marion: Transnational connections in Saint-Laurent du Maroni agriculture, access to jobs and financial exchanges. Click Here to read abstract.
  21. Dadalto, Maria: Identities in Transit in the Territorialization Processes. Click Here to read abstract.
  22. Dewnarain, Jerry: Chinese indentured Labour in Suriname 1853 – 1874. Click Here to read abstract.
  23. Donk, Orpheo: Shifting perspectives on Slavery. Click Here to read abstract.
  24. Eersel, Martheliese: Health economics then and now: revisiting F.A. Kuhn’s ‘Reflection on the situation of the Surinamese plantation slaves; an economic-medical contribution to its improvement (1828). Click Here  to read abstract.
  25. Egger, Jerome. Sitalpersad: a British Indian interpreter in colonial Suriname.  Click Here to read abstract.
  26. Fatah-Black, Karwan: The first steps out of slavery. Analyzing the last wills of former slaves in Paramaribo. Click Here to read abstract.
  27. Ferrier, Deryck: Some key aspects of the enslavement of Indigenous people. Click Here to read abstract.
  28. Flores, W.: Caribbean Transnationalism by Surinamese and Antillean Student migrants. Click Here to read abstract.          
  29. Gaddy, Kristina: Playing Banya. The Evidence and Legacy of Shared Cultural Practice Among Enslaved Africans throughout the AmericasClick Here to read abstract.
  30. Garraoui, Ines: Changing family structures in Saint-Laurent du Maroni.  Click Here to read abstract.
  31. Goffe, Tao Leigh.: Theorizing a gastropoetics of Coolitude.  Click Here to read abstract.
  32. Gooptar, Primnath.: The Legacy of Indian Indentureship in the Caribbean: 1838 – 1920. Click Here to read abstract.
  33. Gordien, Ary: Raising Awareness about Reparations for Slavery in Jamaica. Click Here to read abstract.
  34. Gougeon, Adelaide: Emancipation and identity construction of the White creoles in Martinique after 1848. Click Here to read abstract.
  35. Gounder, F.: Gender performativity 2018. Click Here to read abstract.
  36. Gowricharn, Ruben: Doglarization of the Hindustani stuff. Evidence from Suriname.  Click Here to read abstract.
  37. Gupta, Shuchi: THE ANNIHILATION OF GIRMITYA SYSTEM. Click Here to read abstract.
  38. Gupta, Munnalal: Impact of State Policies on Indian Diaspora. Click Here to read abstract.
  39. Gyssels, Kathleen, Leon Damas: facing Sinography in Pigments and Nevralgies. Click Here  to read abstract.
  40. Gyssels, Kathleen: A Diaspora in a Diaspora. the West Indian Jew in recent Fictions. Click Here to read abstract.
  41. Hanoomansingh, Peter: The self-concept f interloper. Click Here to read abstract.
  42. Janssens, Angelique: Historical-demographic possibilities of the slaveregisters in Suriname. Click Here to read abstract.
  43. Huynh, Tu: The Chinese Indentured Laborers from Shandong Province, 1904 – 1910. Click Here to read abstract.
  44. Jabini, Samunda: Rastafarians in Suriname and Guyana. Click Here  to read abstract.
  45. Jarochinsky Silva, Joao Carlos: The recent changes in Brazilian migration law a new form of receiving migrants. Click Here to read abstract.
  46. Jha, Gautam: Javanese and Indian Diaspora in Suriname. Click Here to read abstract.
  47. Jones, Guno: Shifting politics of Citizenship and belonging. Click Here to read abstract.
  48. Joshi & Kaushal: From Sugar to Snow. Reflections and refractions on Indo Caribben literature in Canada. Click Here to read abstract.
  49. Kassim and Polar: The Muslims who came Trinidad 1885-1891 A Preliminary Assessment. Click Here to read abstract.
  50. Kenny, Mary: Quilombolas of Brazil.  Click Here to read abstract.
  51. Khal Torabully: Abstract Slavery and Indenture, a shared narrative. Click Here to read abstract.
  52. Ki, Zerbo: Elliott P. Skinnner’s xenology : an existential and academic  contribution to Pan-African studies. Click Hereto read abstract.
  53. Kumar, Ashutosh: Girmit peasants understanding of the indenture system. Click Here to read abstract.
  54. Kurian Rachel: Influences of Slavery on Ceylon Plantations. Click Here to read abtract.
  55. Leconte, David: The free and regulated migration the legacies from slave trade and slavery to the indenture. Click Here to read abstract.
  56. Leenderste-Herbonnet, Ayfara: Attitudes of Hindustani mothers towards child labour the case of Nickerie Suriname. Click Here to read abstract.
  57. Leeuwen, Marco Van: Studying social inequalities and status attainment in the contexts of colonialism and free and unfree labour. Click Here to read abstract.
  58. Loswijk, Edgar: The role of the enslaved Africans in the development of the agricultural sector mainly rice-growing. Click Hereto read abstract.
  59. McKee, Helen: abstract Legal History of Land Ownership in Post-Emancipation Jamaica. Click Here to read abstract.
  60. Mahabir, Kumar: From Barracks to Bungalows. Click Here to read abstract.
  61. Mahase, Radica: Female Indian Indentured Labourers.  The Trinidad Experience, 1845 – 1962. Click Here to read abstract.
  62. Makdoembaks, Nizaar: abstract from the margins to the centre. Click Here to read abstract.
  63. Malheiros, Jorge: Hindustani migrants and their descendants in Lisbon and Rotterdam Hindustani migrants and their descendants in Lisbon and Rotterdam. Click Here to read abstract.
  64. Mans, Dennis: the use of medicinal plants from a Historical point of view. Click Here to read abstract.
  65. Marie- Rose, Noemie: The emergence of attached worker in Martinique between 1848 and 1880. Click Here to read abstract.
  66. Marshall, Edwin: The influence of slavery on the Afro-Surinamese religion system.  Click Hereto read abstract.
  67. Meel , Peter: Managing ethnic diversity in Surinamese politics. Click Here  to read abstract.
  68. Menke, Henk: Leprosy, Colonialism and Slavery in Suriname; a triangular approach. Click Here to read abstract.
  69. Meyer, Marcel and Hildebrand Ehrenburg: Plantations on the Wild Coast. Click Here to read abstract.
  70. Miller Nicholaas: Indentured Education: Portuguese Children and Schooling Policy in the Nineteenth-Century British Caribbean and Hawai‘i. Click Here to read abstract.
  71. Mohammed, S.: Fasting Practices of interfaith-families.  Click Hereto read abstract.
  72. Mohkamsing, N.: MRK revisited. Click Here to read abstract.
  73. Moschetta, Louise: The legacies of bureaucratic practices. Click Here to read abstract.
  74. Moura Mello, Marcelo: Servitude, Emancipation and Plantation Life in Guyana. Click Here to read abstract.
  75. Mustapha, Nasser: Creolization and the Evolution of Indo-Trinidadian Cuisine.  Click Here to read abstract.
  76. Nafey, Abdul: Identity articulation and community formation among Indian Muslims in Suriname. Click Here to read abstract.
  77. Naik and Pradhan: Sweat, Blood and Tears. Click Here to read abstract.
  78. Nandmehar, Sarita: The victims of historical exploitation. Bonded labour in Nepal. Click Here  to read abstract.
  79. Neus , Hilde: 70 coloured women against a male power. Click Here to read abstract.
  80. Njenga KArugia, John: Transnational Memory. Suriname in Afrabian Slavery Memory Politics. Click Here to read abstract.
  81. Njenga Karugiia, John: Suriname in Afrabian Memory Politics. Click Here to read abstract.
  82. Pande, Amba: India’s Engagement with Girmit Diaspora. Prejudices and prospects.  Click Here to read abstract.
  83. Peterson, Glen: Abstract Long shadow of Indentured Labour. Click Here to read abstract.
  84. Raghoebar, Hein: Identity shaping and integration of African and Asian diasporas in Suriname.  Click Here to read abstract.
  85. Raghoebarsingh, Karmchand: the life story of an Indian Indenture family in Suriname 1873- 2010. Click Here to read abstract.
  86. Rahman, Karimah: Politicization of cultural memory and Marginalization of South Asian Muslims. Click Here to read abstract.
  87. Rai, Neha: Women in Search of Identity. Click Here to read abstract.
  88. Rambaran Jwala: Unlocking the Investment Potential of the Caribbean Diaspora. Click Here to read abstract.
  89. Rambaran, M. & SafdaR Zaidi: Can a historical novel be a bridge between transnational identities.  Click Here to read abstract.
  90. Ramdas, Sahiensha: Seeking health in multiple ways. Medical pluralism in the treatment of cutaneous leishmaniasis among Saramacca and Ndjuka Maroons in Suriname. Click Here to read abstract.
  91. Ramracha Nisha: Proliferating History Studies for Stronger Identity Formation within the Indo-Caribbean Diaspora. Click Here to read abstract.
  92. Ramracha Vasan: “LOGIE” SOCIALISM. Click Here to read abstract.
  93. Ramsoedh , Hans: Jagernath Lachmon from political leader of the Hindustanis to national leader of Suriname. Click Here to read abstract.
  94. Reddy, M.: Erasure and indigenous identity: Indian Diaspora identity in South Africa and Fiji.  Click Here to read abstract.
  95. Roemer, Ingrid: Ethnic relations and ethnocentrism in Suriname; the Perception of Javanese in Suriname on other ethnic groups. Click Hereto read abstract.
  96. Rosenblatt, Eli.: Between two Seas. the Jewish Diaspora and the Black Atlantic. Click Here to read abstract.
  97. Royster, Paula: The Role of Cultural Memory in the Legitimization of African Diaspora History. Click Here  to read abstract.
  98. Samaroo, Brinsley: The Ummah in the Caribbean: African and Asian Origins of multinational Islam in the Caribbean. Click Here to read abstract.
  99. Schalkwijk, Marten: The relationship between ethnicity and ethnic voting in Suriname 1949 – 2017. Click Here to read abstract.
  100. Shabaka, Onajide: Seeds of the Diaspora. Click Here to read abstract.
  101. Sibanda, Sabelo: Role of People in the Diaspora.  Click Here to read abstract.
  102. Sijlbing, Harold: Jewish colonization in Suriname. Click Here to read abstract.
  103. Singh, Sherry-Ann: Coming Full Circle: Hinduism in Trinidad. Click Here to read abstract.
  104. Singh, Vashti: The Indian Diaspora in Trinidad. Click Here Cultural resilience, Political Activism and representation in Education 1900 -1938.  to read abstract.
  105. Siqueira, Sueli: Reterritorialization processes of women migrants involved in transnational marriages. Click Here to read abstract.
  106. Snelders, Stephen: Leprosy and Labour Management. Fears and Responses of the Colonial Regime in Suriname. Click Here to read abstract.
  107. Sno, Tamira, E.; Harry .B.G.: Ganzeboom and, John Schuster. Ethnic diversity and Social Stratification in. Click Here to read abstract.
  108. Sno, Tamira and B.G.: Ganzeboom: Status acquisition when entering the labour market. Click Here to read abstract.
  109. Soeropawiro, S.: Economic development among the Javanese Muslims in Suriname. Click Here to read abstract.
  110. Terborg, Julia.: Marriage, Concubinage and Extramarital relations in the Caribbean. Continuity and Change. Click Here to read abstract.
  111. Tewari, Archana.: INDO-Surinami relations. Click Here to read abstract.
  112. Thakur, Rishee.: Ethnicity and the Alibi of Class in Guyana. Click Here to read abstract.
  113. Thomas-Brown, Karen: Migrant transnational citizenship and black identity. The perspectives of Jamaican migrant teachers in America. Click Here to read abstract.
  114. Timothy, Peter.: Carnival in Crisis, abstract. Click Here to read abstract.
  115. Tiwari, Badri Narayan: Those Who Returned. A Story which is Untold. Click Here  to read abstract.
  116. Tjon Sie Fat, Paul and Ranu Abhelak: No Longer New. Chinese Migrants in Suriname Ten years on. Click Here to read abstract.
  117. Vahed, Goolam: Afro-Indian relations in South Africa. Click Here to read abstract.
  118. Van Eer, Edward: Health Struggles on the Upper Suriname river. Click Here to read abstract.
  119. Van Galen, Coen: Slave registers as a first step to the development of a Historical Database of Suriname. Click Here to read abstract.
  120. Van Stipriaan, Alex: The contested African body. Historical paradoxes and contemporary legacies among Afro-Surinamese.  Click Here to read abstract.
  121. White, Cheryl: The Slave’s Route to Freedom how and where was the route made. Click Here to read abstract.


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